Advertised Club Dances

DateLegendClubAd Description
08/04/22Plus SquaredPLUS Squared Every Thursday
08/04/22RoadrunnersDog Daze of Summer
08/05/22Kissin' KuzzinsHOT HOT HOT
08/05/22North TX Camping SqrsCampout
08/05/22T Square GadaboutsSummer Is Here
08/05/22Texas ReelersDog Days of Summer
08/05/22Triangle SquaresBack to School
08/06/22DDCircle 8Randy Elmore and Company Live Band
08/06/22Dixie ChainersIce Cream Sandwich Social
08/06/22Log Cabin Swingers2022 Schedule Aug - Dec
08/11/22Double PlusHello August Dance
08/12/22Cliff DwellersWe're Still Dancing!
08/12/22PioneersElvis Night
08/12/22Stone SteppersCelebrate the Dog Days of Summer
08/12/22DDSwinging StarsDouble Down - Double Deal
08/13/22Circle ICrazy Tee Shirt
08/18/22RoadrunnersDance in Your Polka Dot Pants
08/19/22Kissin' KuzzinsIce Cold Lemonade
08/19/22T Square GadaboutsWe're Havin' a Heat Wave
08/19/22Texas ReelersKitty Cat Carnival
08/20/22Rebel RousersM&M Dance Honoring Nancy Wilkerson
08/20/22Trail BlazersHotter than #@!! Dance
08/26/22RUFort Worth SquaresOceans of Blue
08/26/22`Swinging StarsBack to School
08/27/22Tri-City PromenadersGreat Vacation Dance
08/28/22NTCAGive It a Shot
08/28/22Pegasus SquaresZoom Out of Summer Dance
09/02/22Kissin' KuzzinsAre You Ready For Some Football
09/03/22Dixie ChainersTalk Like a Pirate
09/09/22RUPioneersUnder the Sea