It's really fun for all!

The Texas Reelers is a couples and singles square and round dance club. We dance on the 1st and 3rd Friday night (7:30pm) at the Richardson Senior Center located at 820 W. Arapaho Road in Richardson.

You are welcome to drop by to visit and see how much fun it is!

2018 Texas Reelers Square Dance DEMO at Santa’s Village Ritcherdson TX

Hear the Music the feet will follow!

About Square Dancing

Square dancing is an American tradition that has been part of the American culture since colonial times.  Square dancing has a colorful history.  It began in New England when various immigrants brought their nations folk dance with them.  The roots can be traced back to our English and French ancestors; however, traces of Scottish, Scandinavian, Spanish and other ethnicities are also seen.

Early in the last century, as America urbanized, square dancing nearly died out. The dance got left behind and was almost forgotten. Henry Ford had a major impact in its revival. He extolled the virtues of square dancing in an attempt to foster a dance form that would counteract what he considered to be the evils of jazz.

Square dances are called throughout the world in English, although the accents may be French, German, Japanese, or even Swedish. Square dance clubs from the metroplex have danced on cruise ships, bridges, the Great Wall of China, and in the dark during a power outage.

Find out what’s ahead

First and foremost, it’s just fun!

  • No experience necessary.
  • It’s easy to learn.
  • Affordable entertainment.
  • Listen and dance to great music from the new to the traditional.
  • Great exercise.  You can dance about 5 miles in a single evening.   Good for your joints and bones.
  • Mentally stimulating to master all calls in the beginners program.
  • You meet the nicest people.
  • You can dance somewhere most nights of the week.
  • Something you can enjoy with your spouse or partner.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and try something new.
  • You don’t have to buy special equipment or clothing.  .
  • Interact with live people instead of that social media and ipad.

About Our Callers/Teachers

Square Dance:

Deborah Carroll-Jones has been dancing since 1979 and calling since 1982. In 1995 she became the third women in the world to become an accredited caller coach.  Deborah calls regularly for mainstream and plus clubs as well as an occasional advanced dance. She is the club caller for the Texas Reelers Square Dance Club. She has called many festivals and taught callers’ schools and clinics in the United States as well as overseas in New Zealand, Japan, Sweden and Germany. She is the only woman caller to have ever called in Saudi Arabia.  She has recorded for Rockin’ M Records, Global and Hi Hat. She is known for her beautiful singing voice and for her variety of music from the new to the traditional.


Jon Jones was first introduced to square dancing in 1954. Shortly afterward, he became involved in calling, teaching, and promoting square dancing. He believes “Square Dancing is an Expression of Joy”.  He is a founding member of the North Texas Callers Association and the Texas State Callers Association and was elected the first president of each. Jon is a member of the Texas Callers “Hall of Fame”.  Jon calls regularly for mainstream and plus clubs. For 13 years, he taught a PE square dance class at the University of Texas at Arlington. Jon has called dances, festivals, conducted workshops, and caller clinics in many States, Canada and overseas countries as well.  Jon has recordings with Square L, Kalox, Blue Star and Global.

Round Dance:

Chris Farabaugh started square dance lessons in 1997.  Upon completing the first set of Basic lessons he joined the Solitaires Square and Round Dance Club.  The following year, 1998, he served as president of the club and enjoyed dancing and working with club members planning various events and activities

He continued his education by taking Plus and A-level.  At this time, he also became very interested in Round Dancing and became consumed with taking any and all lessons that were offered, no matter where they were offered in the metroplex.  He was obsessed with learning this new activity and had a blast learning from all the Dallas/Fort Worth area cuers.  He found his passion in Round Dancing.

In November of 1999, while at a student hoedown at Walnut Hill Recreation Center, he met Maria.  Maria had just finished her first set of square dance lessons.  Chris asked her to embark on the journey of learning how to Round Dance and she agreed.  Three years later they were married.

Chris and Maria started giving informal instructions in Round Dancing to individuals and small groups.  This eventually led to formal instruction at various recreation centers.  They have been teaching and cueing now for almost 20 years.  Chris has cued for the following clubs:  Yellow Rockers, Log Cabin Swingers, Lone Star Solos, Diamond Jubileers, Circle I, Tri-City Promenaders,

Texas Reelers, and Dixie Chainers.  He has also been the staff cuer for several annual NORTEX Round-Ups.  It is their hope to spread the joy that they have found in Round Dancing.