Welcome to NORTEX

Hello Dancers,

NORTEX will be holding the Officer Installation and Dance on June 4th.  The flyer with all the details is on the cover and within this edition of the Promenade.  Who will be named Dancer of the Year?  How about Club of the Year?  Installation starts at 4:00 pm.  Be in attendance to show appreciation for those willing to serve the NORTEX dancers and cheer those individuals and clubs being honored.

Many NORTEX clubs celebrated anniversaries in April and May, including the Pioneers (42), Kissin’ Kuzzins (50), Tri-City Promenaders (63), Texas Reelers (48) and Log Cabin Swingers (48).  Several clubs were considerate of the celebrations and cancelled their regular dances in order to attend the events.  This kind of cooperation between clubs is much appreciated.

The NORTEX dancers have been busy with demo and exhibition dances.  April 22nd they danced throughout the day at the Texas PIE Fest in Rockwall with Ken Burke and Bill Hinkley calling.  May 6th found them at Mayfest in Fort Worth with Vernon Jones calling.  May 27th was another fun time at Frisco Town Square Exhibition with Vernon Jones calling.  Often spectators are brought into a square to join in the fun.  Several pamphlets have been passed out and folks are expressing a desire to learn more about square dancing.  I so appreciate everyone involved with taking our favorite pastime to the community.  Be sure to get your Demo Dancer signature card signed, collect a dangle and then add to it in increments of 5 dances.  We already have 78 dancers wearing those dangles!

We want to be able to accommodate those interested in taking lessons.  When scheduling classes, it might be a consideration to stagger start dates with other clubs.  The last thing we want is to have people interested in taking lessons but none are available.

May 2, 2023 several NORTEX dancers, NTCA callers and our guests attended a baseball game between the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks.  The weather was perfect, with the stadium roof open.  The game ended with a Rangers’ win that included a homerun hit right to us.  Karen Riffle, President of Double Plus, is the proud owner of that ball.  If you weren’t there, we hope you will join us next time – it was a lot of fun.   

As we enjoy the beauty of June we wish our dads a Happy Father’s Day.  We will close the month out by saying hello to another hot Texas summer.  All our dance locations have wonderful air-conditioning systems – so when it is too hot outside just go dancing.

I had a person tell me, “Square Dance Is Back!”  Are you feeling it?  I see lots of dancers doing all they can to make that happen.  You are appreciated and I encourage you to continue as we rebuild our favorite pastime.  Encourage the new dancers to get on the floor and enjoy the challenge of keeping the square going, even if it means “going home” a few times.

See you at Installation!

Let’s Cheer One Another and Dance Like No One’s Watching!