Welcome to NORTEX

Kevin and Christine

It is wonderful to see a lot of our clubs back dancing.  Some are still without a place to dance and we hope those issues can be worked out soon.

The August 15th NORTEX meeting was well attended.  It is always great to see club presidents and delegates at the meetings to conduct the business of our organization.  Your club’s representation at each of these meetings is very important and we encourage each of you to continue your interest and involvement.  We are all eager to recover from the pandemic, GROW this organization, and have FUN at the same time.

Webmasters Alex Nestor and Sam Stephens are working to improve our website.  With that comes improved communications out to the clubs.  Our goal is to keep you well informed as soon as possible.

All officers are working in their respective areas to simplify and streamline their responsibilities.  During the Quarterly meeting there were several committees named to achieve that goal.  The minutes of that meeting have been shared with all club presidents and hopefully they were then shared with all the members.

If square dancing is going to survive, we must work together as an association and as individual clubs.  Stop all negativity in its tracks.  Let’s work together to resolve issues and build rather than destroy.  Club officers give their time freely.  Please let them know they are appreciated.  If your club has problems to resolve, offer solutions to those problems and hold the criticism.  Remember this is an unpaid position.

If your club is struggling with dance attendance, you might consider offering personal invitations to other club presidents.  While you are doing so, mark your visitation calendar to attend their next dance.  At your dance, make sure you visit with everyone attending with a personal hello and thanks for coming.  Make sure everyone gets to dance.

If a dance doesn’t meet your expectations, ask questions.  See if you can find out why dancers aren’t coming to your dances.  If you don’t ask, you will never know what to change and your dances will continue to disappoint.

NORTEX is an organization designed to serve the clubs and dancers and is governed by the club appointed delegates.  Make sure your NORTEX Officers know they are appreciated.  Any suggestions you have for improvement are welcome.  Negativity is not going to result in anything but destruction.  None of us are perfect but we are doing the best we know how to do with very limited resources and time.

September comes with many clubs starting lessons.  Check the listing at the back of the Promenade.  You will find lessons for mainstream, plus, rounds, and clogging.  We encourage you to invite friends, neighbors, co-workers, and your church family to join the fun. Remember your first lessons?  Let’s support and stand beside our callers, cuers, angels, and the students who will be involved in these lessons.  Lessons and new members are the keys to our growth.

Due to low registration numbers and the unknowns around COVID, Round-Up has been cancelled.  Callers Cavalcade will be at Swingtime.  We will have a great time supporting NTCA on Friday, October 29th.

Let’s Do It!