Welcome to NORTEX


It’s October and that means it’s time for our first Round-Up Dance since 2019.  Your committee has been hard at work to offer a fun time of dancing and fellowship for you.  May you enjoy every moment.  There is still time to gather more signatures on your Round-Up Theme Dance Signature Card.  Bring all your cards with you to Round-Up.  The $500 drawing will be at 10:00 pm on Saturday night, October 29.  Remember, you must be present to win.  I’m sure your club is looking forward to hearing your name called as they get $500 too.  All the happenings for our Round-Up weekend are detailed in the schedule on Page 19 of this Promenade. 

The Give It a Shot event, on August 28th, was a big success.  NTCA is strutting their stuff when it comes to peaking the interest of potential new callers and then training them to achieve their goals.  Many pictures were captured and are loaded to an album on the NORTEX Facebook page.  You might want to check them out.  THANK YOU to the many NORTEX dancers who were on hand to support and cheer on the newbies.  Great Job Everyone.

Have you ever thought the Promenade would be a good place to advertise?  We are now accepting ads from Non-Dancing Advertisers.  Melton Luttrell is advertising his book “Who Drew the Two” in this edition.  Under Promenade Submissions you will find “NORTEX Club Submissions” where you will continue to upload your flyers.  There is now a second option “Business Advertiser Submissions”.  These ads are $30 for a full page.  It doesn’t have to be a business ad.  You could proclaim your love for your spouse of 50 years or whatever you would like to advertise.  Of course, the same rules apply, NORTEX reserves the right to change or refuse ads.

The August, September and October Promenade has biographies for all the NORTEX officers.  It gives you the opportunity to know what you have in common with those that are serving you.  Did you know Kaye Horstmann likes to shop?  Did you know Debbie Anderson loves to make miniature scenes?  There are lots of little details you might find interesting.  If you missed one, remember you can find all the editions on the NORTEX website.  If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, let me know and I will be happy to help you.

We have the new Demo Dancer Dangles in and would love to present you with one.  The rules, along with a picture of the dangle and a miniature version of the signature card, may be found on page 67 of this Promenade.

Can’t wait for Round-Up!

Hope to see you in a square.

Happy Halloween to you all and remember to Dance Like No One’s Watching!

“Dance Like No One’s Watching” every chance you get!