Welcome to NORTEX

Hello Everyone,

Hopefully your Thanksgiving was a wonderful celebration of all your blessings with those you love and hold dear.

December is filled with so many opportunities for dancing, celebrating and enjoying the Christmas season. Many of our clubs are collecting items to help those less fortunate at their dances in December. Be sure to check the flyers as you head out so you know how to participate.

Be sure to check out all the 2022 Round-Up information as we share the totals and provide pictures of the winners in this edition of the Promenade.

At the quarterly meeting on November 6th, we named Sheila Milliron the 2023 Round-Up Chair. Sheila has already shared some of her ideas for increasing attendance next year. Any plan needs our support to succeed. I’m looking forward to watching everyone come together to create a spectacular 2023 Round-Up. What would you like to do to help make 2023 a success?

The 2023-2024 NORTEX Nominating Committee has been selected. Their contact information and all the instructions for submitting a resume may be found on page 5. All resumes are due by December 31, 2022. Remember, elected officers wishing to continue in their current position will need to resubmit their resume. A big thank you goes out to each one on the Nominating Committee.

Log Cabin Swingers and Swinging Stars each received Lessons Grants in the amount of $200 during the quarterly meeting. Congratulations to both these clubs. There is a lot of hard work involved in putting on classes. If your club is doing classes, be sure to review the requirements for this grant – your club may qualify as well. All the information is available on the NORTEX website or you may contact Chris Mills, the Lessons Grant Chair. His contact information may be found on page 2.

Our first Flash Mob dance is happening in Sundance Square on December 10th. We have over 40 dancers signed up to participate. This is an opportunity to take the fun of square dancing out to the general public. If you aren’t signed up and want to be involved, reach out to President Pro-Tem, Vince Matej. If this excursion is the success we expect it to be, we will move forward with a broader schedule of such activities. It’s going to be fun!

Christmas activities can be exhausting. Try to find time to take it all in, catch your breath and appreciate the true reason for the season. My wish for you is a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and that God will Bless and Keep You.

Enjoy Yourselves and Dance Like No One’s Watching!