Welcome to NORTEX

Hello Dancers,

How did it get to be December? It seems impossible, but here we are. My hope is that each of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and are ready to hit the dance floor to work off those extra calories. There are lots of Christmas themed dances planned for you.

Congratulations to Swinging Stars and Tri-City Promenaders on being awarded Lessons Grants. John Cave and Wendy Doran both picked up a $400 check for their club.

Don’t forget, December 31st is the deadline to have your resumes in for the NORTEX elected offices of President, Area Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Nominating Committee is listed in this Promenade. You can send your resume by mail or email. If you need an example resume or other help, just let me know. I’ll be happy to get you what you need.

Several clubs are graduating students and planning another set of classes to start in January. Be sure to check out the lessons listings. If you know of someone who would enjoy our activity, get them signed up for one of these sessions.

If your students are graduating this month, be sure to fill out the paperwork for the Lessons Grant. It can make a difference to your club and is open to everyone. The forms and instructions can be found on the NORTEX website. Look under Information/Forms and Documents/Lessons Grant. Chris Mills is available to help. His contact information is on page 2 of this Promenade under Committee Chairs and Assistants.

Again, I would like to remind our experienced dancers to be kind to new dancers on the dance floor. You never know when one of them will be needed to complete your square. Holding classes and celebrating graduations accomplishes nothing if the students won’t get in a square. Please don’t be the reason that happens. So what if your square breaks down. That recovery is a good learning experience. Try to remember when you were new. Then, give a big smile and encouraging word.

You will find lots of information and pictures from Round-Up on the following pages. If you are looking for a particular shot that you don’t find here, check out the photos on our website. Sam Stephens has loaded both still shots and videos for your viewing pleasure. There were hundreds of pictures taken. There are three albums; Callers Cavalcade, Saturday and Saturday night.

Christmas is coming fast. Enjoy the presents, parties and family. But, try to find a quiet moment to reflect on what the season is all about.

Have the Merriest of Christmases and Dance Like No One’s Watching!