Welcome to NORTEX

Hello Dancers,

It’s May! Have you returned your NORTEX Membership Renewals? Not only is it important to have our membership role correct; our insurance is based on the count we turn in. And, as a courtesy to our secretary who is wrapping up their term. Our new officers will appreciate the records being updated and organized. Thank you for your help with this.

The CALLERLAB Convention, held in Grapevine March 24-27, 2024 was the place where Melton Luttrell and Jon Jones received Lifetime Achievement Awards. Page 46, of this Promenade, contains pictures and details of the presentations. We all know these two fine men deserve all honors and we extend our appreciation to them both for all they have done and continue to do for our favorite pastime.

Our NORTEX Quarterly Meeting was held April 21, 2024, and was full of excitement. You elected a wonderful slate of officers to lead our association through the next year. They will take their positions July 1st. President, Vince Matej; Treasurer, Glen and Debbie McCrary; Secretary, Tommy & Erin Uzee; President Pro-Tem, Greg and JoAnn Chambers; Area Vice-President, Greg and JoAnn Chambers, Donna Miller and Jeff Kriesman, Gene and Dianne Geyer and Bob Rodgers. Let them know you appreciate and support them. We will be publishing all the contact information in the July Promenade.

Additionally, the question of NORTEX becoming an affiliate member of the Texas State Federation of Square and Round Dancers was answered. The vote from our NORTEX delegates was to accept the invitation. I appreciate Matthew Whiteacre, President of TSFSRD, for his efforts to be inclusive and to bring unity whenever possible. Kevin Hadley and Vicki Spray have put forth a lot of effort to see this happen. The future for both TSFSRD and NORTEX will be brighter with us working as a team.

There was a good turnout for our CELEBRATION dance immediately following the Quarterly Meeting. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed watching the dancers that have given so much the last two years take time to Celebrate their work and achievements. Tim Tyl kept the squares hopping. I was thrilled to still be in the same square at the end of each tip! J L and Linda Pelton were super awesome as well. It just seemed like everyone had on their happy shoes. The “party” was supposed to be 5:15 to 7:15 but I think rounds started about 4:15 and we were still dancing at 7:45. Now that’s the sign of a GOOD PARTY – huh? I counted ten squares on the floor at one point. When we wrapped up there were still 4 squares dancing. I so appreciate our NORTEX Facilities Officers, Sharon and Dale Hoppe, for keeping the refreshment tables supplied and thanks to everyone that helped to clean up afterwards. The “Then and Now” NORTEX history books were browsed through and have now been taken to Peggy Kemp for her to see. A few people got to see the online version via a laptop. Sam Stephens did a wonderful job of getting all our history loaded to the NORTEX website. Well done everyone! Pictures from the dance can be found on page 8 of this Promenade.

Let’s Dance Like No One’s Watching.