Welcome to NORTEX

Hello Dancers,

We all have a full schedule of dancing in June with New Dancer Dances, Anniversary Dances, Double Deal Dances and the annual NORTEX Installation Dance. Add to that the Texas State Festival and the 73rd National Square Dance Convention. Take advantage of all these opportunities. The New Dancer Dances are an opportunity for home clubs to get our newest members on the dance floor—don’t send them—go with them. We all want to recognize the Anniversary Dances as our clubs enjoy another year of success. Anyone that collects signatures for their Friendship Awards cards gets a bonus for attending Anniversary and Double Deal dances. The State Festival will be extra special this year with NORTEX attending as an Affiliated TSFSRD Member for the first time—it’s historic. Several NORTEX Dancers will be in Wisconsin to attend 73NSDC.

I hope you will make a special effort to attend Installation. We have some wonderful folks leaving and taking office. They deserve our recognition, thanks, encouragement and support. Who will get Dancer of the Year? Who will get Club of the Year? What special awards will be given? Once everyone is recognized and installed the free dance begins. Bring your whole club. Our Installation Chair, Diane Carter, has worked for months preparing a delightful event for you. Check out the flyer on page 7 of this Promenade for all the details.

Did you know that NORTEX grew its membership in 2023-2024? All the credit goes to a wonderful group of NORTEX officers that supported the clubs, wonderful leadership within in the clubs to support their members and having dancers who took our pastime to the community. Lessons are very important to growth. It is very difficult for a club to grow without giving lessons. We can’t ignore the impact our world class callers and cuers have on our success. I can’t thank you enough for your work in making our growth possible.

This is my last Promenade letter to you as your NORTEX President. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you all. Thank you for the memories. I’m not going away. I will continue as Promenade Editor and serve as Past President and NORTEX Director. It will be fun watching as our new President, Vince Matej, leads us to even greater success. I will be supporting him in every way I can. I know you will too.

As Texans we all have an exciting time on the horizon as we welcome dancers from across our nation and the world to Waco, Texas for the 75th National Square Dance Convention in 2026. It is my privilege to serve as the Publicity Chair for this event. I have served as the Promenade Editor since May 2019. That experience has helped to prepare me for this role. While Nationals and State may take some of my time, I will continue to be very involved with NORTEX, my home club and our local dance community.

Happy Father’s Day to all our dads. What would the world be without you?

Enjoy your summer and Dance Like No One’s Watching.