Welcome to NORTEX

Hello Dancers,

We have a lot of clubs giving lessons right now. If one of those happens to be your club, make sure they have all the angels they need to bring success to these classes. Your fellow club members, as well as the students, will appreciate you for it.

The Nominating Committee met on January 21,2024. The chairman will present the names of this year’s nominees at the February 18th Quarterly meeting. Who we elect to our NORTEX positions is very important. There are several interesting items on the agenda for this meeting. Everyone is invited to attend. Come join us and get the scoop firsthand.

NTCA has installed their new crew. President, Vernon Jones, tells all the names in his monthly letter found on the next page. I hope you attended their dance and thanked both outgoing and incoming officers as they passed the baton. These folks are so important to the success of our clubs and activity. Their efforts and value cannot be overstated.

The April 21st Quarterly Meeting is going to be a lot of fun. We will be voting on our next slate of officers at that time. Following the meeting, there will be a FREE Celebration Dance. There is much to celebrate as we wrap up the current officers’ agendas and prepare to help the next plans to succeed. Both the NORTEX officers and all the dancers deserve to be cheered. Mark your calendar and bring all your club members. Let’s pack Swingtime out. See the flyer in this edition of the Promenade.

We are sharing flyers for new Demo Dances as they come available, both here and on Facebook. Generally, our Facebook page is the first place they get introduced. Here’s the address: www.facebook.com/OfficialNORTEX If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, like us and follow us today.

Vince Matej continues to be successful in finding interesting locations for all dancers to share our pastime. Kaye Gregory creates the flyers (Doesn’t she do a magnificent job?). Be sure to sign up for the demos you intend to participate in. Do it promptly so Vince knows that he has the dancers needed to put our best foot forward. All the demo flyers include Vince’s phone number. Reach out to him if you have any questions the flyers do not cover.

As you browse the following pages, you can’t help but notice Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. There is simply no excuse for not appreciating your sweetheart. Many clubs are doing Valentine themed dances so you can make an evening of celebrating the love you share with that special someone in your life.

I come from a family of 9 children. Valentine’s Day was so much fun at our house. 7 of those 9 children were girls. Daddy came home with a big box of candy for our mom and sweet small boxes for each one of us girls. These were always Pangburn’s chocolates. Daddy would tell us—nothing but the best for my girls.

Enjoy your sweet memories and don’t miss the chance to make more!

Let’s Dance Like No One’s Watching.