Welcome to NORTEX

Kevin and Christine

We are quickly approaching the holiday season.  Please take a moment to think about the men and women of our armed forces who will not be able to spend the holidays with their families.  Also, remember the families of the fallen warriors as they spend their holidays without their loved ones.  Take the time to thank a vet and thank a vet’s family!

The NORTEX Business Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 7, 2021 at Swingtime Center at 2:00 p.m.  We hope to see all the club delegates in attendance, and we encourage all NORTEX dancers to come be a part of this meeting.

It is VERY important for all NORTEX clubs to schedule and have visitations from and to other clubs. Please encourage your club to venture out and support ALL NORTEX clubs.  It will be great to see how many banners can be captured and then retrieved.  Believe it or not – there is money to be made in visitations!  And, with the Double Deal Dance program, you can earn awards for your club and for club members participating in one of the two Friendship Fun programs.

We are excited about the number of students in lessons throughout the metroplex.  We want to encourage each and every dancer to make room in your square for these new dancers.  We were all new dancers once.  So let’s help make their transition from lessons to club dancing as fun and exciting as possible.  Make every effort to attend the new dancer dances and graduations.  We need to make these new dancers feel like a part of our dancing family.

Soon many of our clubs will be putting together their own nominating committees, and just as in NORTEX, there are many opportunities to serve within your own club.  We are hearing the same comments from many of our clubs. “Nobody wants to serve the club as an officer”.  Clubs need leadership to continue.  Everyone should consider taking a turn to help their club.  If the duties are shared – no one person has to shoulder the leadership load.  In order for a club to survive, the club NEEDS members who are interested and willing to take leadership positions.  If you are able and willing to serve, let your club know.  SHARE THE RESPONSIBILITIES.  Don’t let your club down; it NEEDS YOU.

Let’s Do It!