Welcome to NORTEX

Hello Dancers,

There is nothing prettier than a Texas spring. All the beautiful wildflowers are abundant this year. The bluebonnets are simply gorgeous. If you get a chance take a little road trip to soak in the beauty of our Texas countryside.

The winter dance classes are getting ready to graduate. That means even more new dancers on the floor. Be sure to greet them and make them feel welcome in your square. Their first experiences at a dance can make all the difference in whether they will be back.

The NORTEX Quarterly Meeting on April 21st is when we will be electing our new officers for 2024-2025. We have a wonderful group of candidates that have been brought forward by the nominating committee. But, you can also nominate from the floor. Be sure to attend and have all your club delegates in attendance. We will also be voting on the invitation from TFSRD to become an affiliated member of their organization. Immediately following the meeting is a free dance open to all dancers. This is my opportunity to celebrate you and all that we have accomplished together in the two years I have served as your NORTEX President. There will be a variety of refreshments served. Bring your whole club. The more the merrier. All the details are on the cover of this Promenade.

In March, Alan & Barbara Clements led an effort to gather information from the clubs on the issues and successes they have in building and maintaining their clubs in today’s environment. Alan will be presenting these consolidated suggestions and comments in a report at the April 21st meeting. From that we can determine next steps, if any. Thank you to all those that participated in this effort.

The NORTEX History – Then and Now has been completed. We will have one printed copy of the NORTEX History, from 2001 to current, available at the April 21st meeting. Our webmasters are working to load it to the NORTEX website. Not only did we bring the NORTEX history up to date but we generated a chapter for each club we found evidence of as we were going through our history. If you have not received a copy of your club’s chapter, let me know and I will be sure to get it to you.

The months from election day to July 1st are spent preparing our new slate of officers to step into their positions. It is important the transition is smooth. Nothing should slow the momentum we have going.

There continues to be a steady stream of Demo Dances. Many of the callers donate their time for these events. It is a great opportunity to take our pastime to the community and their generosity is a wonderful blessing. I thank you very much.

Remember, your NORTEX Membership Renewals are due by May 1st. If you have questions or concerns reach out to Secretary, Vince Matej.

Let’s Dance Like No One’s Watching.