Come move your feet through Square and Round Dancing

Texas Reelers

Modern Square Dancing is a mental and physical challenge. It is dancing, it is thinking, it is teamwork.

You can’t do it by one’s or two’s. Moving in rhythm to the music keeps you physically fit. 

Experienced dancer or just come and be a part of the fun!

Coming Soon:                 January 5th, 2024

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See you in a Square

Calendar January 2024

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Clear The Cobwebs Modern Square Dance
Follow Up SSD Lessons Jan. 8 - Feb. 26 2024

Modern Square Dance Series

  • Beginner Follow on
  • No Partner required
  • No special clothing
  • First Class is Free!
Enrollment Opens Aug 1, 2023

1st Night Beginner Modern Square Dance Lessons

27 enthusiastic new Students & 20 TR angles

NORTEX 62nd Anniversary Round-Up


Whether you’re curious about learning to square or round Dance, or just interested in spending a night of fun and dance, we’re here to answer any questions.