Schmidtz Dance Photos- 7/29/22

Thanks for joining us in the tradition of dancing like hillbilly cousins at a reunion!  Folks dressed the part in their “country-bumpkin best”, hoot and holler, at this parody of the “Deep in the Heart of Texas” Roundup theme.

The Schmidtz Dance tradition done got started long, long time ago when some Nortex folks wanted all of us to dress up fancy like we was “Putting on the Ritz”.  Way out yonder (in Denton), we done decided to put on our “hillbilly-best”.  We introduced ourselves as cuzzins and made quite an appearance at Round-Up.  Those city-folks was amazed!  ‘Cuz everybody done had such a good time, we been doing it ever since.  But we made it bigger and better by inviting all our other dancing friends, like you, to join our clan.  Surely we is related somewhere back in history.