Club Officers

Triangle Squares Dance Club Officers for 2024

Triangle Squares Dance Club officers for 2023 include Donna Miller, President; Melba Daniels, Vice President, Charles Hopkins, Secretary, Joe Spears, Treasurer, Brent Mann, Assistant Treasurer and Aleisha Mollen, Reporter and Newsletter Editor.

Donna Miller has previously served as a club and Nortex officer. Melba Daniels has served the club in many roles since its inception. Secretary Charles Hopkins and Treasurer Joe Spears served in these positions last year. Assistant Treasurer Brent Mann and Reporter/Newsletter Editor Aleisha Mollen have joined the club in the last three years and enjoy being more active.

The officers were elected by the club members in January 2023 to organize and lead the club’s activities. Club members actively support the officers by volunteering, donating and participating in new dancer lessons and other club events. The club president also participates in meetings of the NorTex Square Dance Association to provide input and lead area-wide events for dancers.