Square Dancing in North Texas


The North Texas Square and Round Dance Association (known as NORTEX) includes 20+ clubs in and around the area. These offer square dancing opportunities almost every day of the month somewhere in the DFW area. 

Travelling to different square dance clubs gives dancers the opportunity to dance to a variety of callers with their own styles and music.  It is also a great way to meet new people with common interests.  Square dance clubs engage in friendly competitions to “steal banners” from neighboring clubs by bringing at least 8 dancers to the other club’s dance. Square dancing is fun for all ages. Square dancers are all ages.  Many who learned to dance when young, take a break during the child-rearing years, but then come back.  Others bring the children along and encourage them in the hobby as well.

Triangle Squares and Neighboring Clubs

 If you are travelling, you can look for square dance clubs along the way or at your final destination–it’s an international activity–and always done in English! Club members and callers have travelled to other countries to dance internationally.  In addition, the club has welcomed dancers from other States and countries.  Because square dancing is always done in English, Americans and Brits can feel comfortable dancing everywhere.  

Nortex Club Events

A national square dance convention has been held in the United States from more than 40 years.  The event peaked with more than 20, 000 dancers in California in the 80s.   These summer events provide square dancing opportunities in different venues and degrees of difficulty.  Many square dancers travel with their families to the convention to maximize their time and enjoy the location.  The 2023 convention will be held in Mobile Alabama June 21-24. 

United Square Dancers of America 

Dancer, cuer and caller take a break from square dancing at recent evet